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Report if suspicious.

About Us


The global terrorist threat situation remains complex and ever-changing in recent years, posing grave challenge to security worldwide, including Hong Kong. To ensure Hong Kong’s counter-terrorism (CT) capabilities are adequate and will be enhanced continuously, the Inter-departmental Counter Terrorism Unit (ICTU) was established in April 2018 under the coordination of the Security Bureau.

ICTU comprises members from six disciplined services, i.e. the Customs and Excise Department, the Correctional Services Department, the Fire Services Department, the Government Flying Service, the Hong Kong Police Force and the Immigration Department.


  • Monitor and analyze global terrorism trends and render strategic recommendations to the Secretary for Security on CT-related matters;
  • Provide an inter-departmental platform to enhance coordination and analysis of CT intelligence amongst member departments; and
  • Coordinate the CT efforts of various departments, such as organize inter-department CT exercise and training for frontline officers, and promote CT public education and publicity.


The first-ever CT-themed “Safe Community Hub” in Hong Kong was officially launched.


“Hong Kong Taxi Drivers ‘Spot and Report’ Campaign” was launched to promote to taxi sector on how to identify suspicious persons, objects or activities and encourage them to report terrorism/violence related or crime information in a timely manner.


“Safe Community” WeChat Mini Program was launched to encourage members of public to “Spot and Report”. In addition to the existing reporting channels i.e. SMS and WeChat, members of public could also report via WeChat Mini Program.


Held the “Safe Community Fun Day” at the Hong Kong Science Park. It was a key event to mark the 5th anniversary of its establishment and to further promote safe community messages to the public.


The “CT Reporting Hotline 63-666-999” was launched, with the first stage covering SMS and WeChat reporting features.


Organized CT Exercise “TIGERPACE” at the Hong Kong West Kowloon Station, with a view to enhancing departments’ capabilities in dealing with terrorism-related intelligence and responding to different forms of terrorist attacks, as well as promoting CT public education message of “Spot and Report”.


Organized the “CT@Community Activity Day” and invited members from the youth or community engagement programs associated with the six member departments of ICTU to attend the event. Through fun games, exhibitions and a “Guided Emergency Response Demonstration” drill, the public’s CT awareness was strengthened.

ICTU’s website was officially launched along with the public education theme of “Spot and Report”, which educated the citizens to identify suspected terrorism-related activities and encouraged the public to report relevant information.


Cooperated with the Operations Wing of the Hong Kong Police Force to co-organize CT Exercise “IRONWILL” at the Hong Kong International Airport, with a view to ensuring the CT preparedness of police units and promoting the education messages of “Stay Vigilant to Bomb” and “Run, Hide, Report”.


Collaborated with the Information Services Department and the Police Public Relations Branch to produce an Announcement on Public Interest for “Run, Hide, Report” to remind the general public of the proper response in the event of terrorist or violent attacks.

Provided CT training to more than 10,000 disciplinary frontline officers since it was established.


Launched the “Stay Vigilant to Bomb” public education initiative to enhance the citizens’ vigilance against the threats of bombs and suspicious objects.


Organized inter-departmental CT exercise “CATCHMOUNT” at the Lok Ma Chau Spur Line Control Point to enhance the coordination and response capabilities among member departments to deal with bomb incidents and suspicious objects.


Set up publicity booth during the JPC Open Day to promote the messages on emergency response by means of story-telling and interactive games.


Organized its first inter-departmental CT exercise, codenamed “POWERSKY”, at Lei Yu Mun Park to strengthen its member departments’ intelligence and coordination capabilities in tackling terrorist activities.


Conducted the Guided Emergency Response Demonstration during the Hong Kong Police Force 175th Anniversary Open Day to demonstrate the advisories of “Run, Hide, Report” and “Three Basic Skills on Emergency Preparedness”.


ICTU was officially established.