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Enhance CT Awareness

From overseas experience, to combat terrorism effectively not only relies on the efforts of law enforcement agencies, but also requires the support and participation of members of public.

There were some overseas examples in which the civilians identified suspicious circumstances in daily lives, alerted the law enforcement agencies and eventually stopped terrorist attacks from taking place.

Thus, the general public should possess sufficient CT awareness and report promptly upon discovering any terrorism-related suspicious incidents, so as to facilitate the prevention of and fight against terrorist activities.

Report Suspicious Incidents

Does it involve urgent or possibly urgent situation, or require or possibly require immediate police assistance at scene? (e.g. involves casualties, immediate danger, occurrence of crime, discovery of suspicious person or suspicious object) 

Important Notices

  • If you come across suspected terrorism-related activities, which involves urgent or possibly urgent situation, or requires or possibly requires immediate police assistance at scene (e.g. involves casualties, immediate danger, occurrence of crime, discovery of suspicious person or suspicious object), please call 999 to seek assistance.

  • This system is for reporting suspected terrorism-related information of non-urgent nature. It is not for the purpose of general police reporting. Instant response to the report or enquiry will not be available.

  • According to Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, the provision of personal data in this form is on a voluntary basis. The information you provide will be used to handle your report or other directly related purpose. You may request access/correction of your personal data. For details, please refer to the pages of Personal Data Privacy Statement and Code on Access to Information .

  • ICTU would not reply to any report unless it is necessary to conduct further enquiry about the report contents.

Report Suspicious Incidents

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Report Suspicious Incidents

Report Suspicious Incident

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