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Emergency Response

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Three Basic Skills on Emergency Preparedness

The emergency preparedness skills promoted by the Fire Services Department (FSD) can be grouped into three broad categories, namely “Extinguish and Prevent Fire”, “Self-help and Help Others” and “Escape and Evacuate”. Represented by three different colours, i.e. red, yellow and green, these skills are collectively termed the “Three Basic Skills on Emergency Preparedness”. Getting a good grasp of the “Three Basic Skills on Emergency Preparedness” will help strengthen your capabilities in dealing with emergencies or contingencies.

Extinguish and Prevent Fire

Learn how to use and maintain fire service installations and equipment correctly. In case of a fire, you can effectively control and even extinguish the fire at the initial stage. This will reduce human casualties and loss of property.

Self-help and Help Others

Learn the proper emergency self help knowledge and skills. In case of emergency, you can help yourself and, when safe to do so, help others.

Escape and Evacuate

Always check out the escape routes and exit signs in the buildings and venues you visit. In case of a fire or other emergency, you can immediately follow the routes and signs and make a quick escape to safety.