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Report if suspicious.

Enhance CT Awareness

From overseas experience, to combat terrorism effectively not only relies on the efforts of law enforcement agencies, but also requires the support and participation of members of public.

There were some overseas examples in which the civilians identified suspicious circumstances in daily lives, alerted the law enforcement agencies and eventually stopped terrorist attacks from taking place.

Thus, the general public should possess sufficient CT awareness and report promptly upon discovering any terrorism-related suspicious incidents, so as to facilitate the prevention of and fight against terrorist activities.

Threat of Radicalization

Threat of Radicalization

In recent years, attacks launched by radicalized individuals have been commonly seen in different places of the world, causing radicalization to become a prominent security threat to many countries.

Various law enforcement agencies and think tanks across the globe have conducted studies on radicalization. Generally speaking, radicalization refers to the process through which a person comes to embrace extreme ideologies and eventually execute extreme violent acts to effect his/her goals.

Radicalized individuals are mostly “inspired” by extremist propaganda accessible online. Subsequently, their extremist belief is further reinforced by receiving massive and intensive extremist information.

Radicalized individuals usually undergo psychological, ideological and behavioral changes. They believe that it is legitimate to sacrifice anything in order to pursue their agenda. They agree it is justified to use any means, including terrorist attacks, to achieve their goals.

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Signs of Radicalization

Signs of Radicalization

Radicalized individuals may display the following behavioral traits:

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    Flooded with grievance and hatred — turn radical due to the influence of extremist belief, dissatisfy with the surrounding society, constantly blame inequality and injustice for personal failure, identify specific targets to express grievances.

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    Hostility against out-groups — engage in fierce conflict due to unwillingness to accept opposing views, perceive people holding different stances as enemies, gradually marginalize and isolate from normal society.

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    Develop sense of mission — create a strong sense of mission owing to obsession with extremist ideologies, believe it is a duty to pursue his/her ideologies by means of extreme violence.

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    Advocate extreme violence — legitimize or even glorify extreme violent acts, incite like-minded individuals to achieve their common goals by violent means.

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